NOTE BY H. FRA. P. 4° = 7 ON THE R.O.T.A.
Units are divineThe upright Triangle.
Tens reflectedThe averse Triangle.
Hundreds equilibratedThe Hexagram their combination.
1. "Light" Here can be no evil.
The hidden light
- the "wisdom of God foolishness with men."
The Adept bearing Light.
The Light in darkness and illusion. [Khephra about to rise.]
2. "Action"
Active and Passive - dual current, etc. - the Alternating Forces in Harmony.
The Contending Forces - fluctuation of earth-life.
The Twins embracing - eventual glory of harmonised life under Sun.
3. "The Way" Here also no evil.
The Higher Self.
The severe discipline of the Path.
The judgment and resurrection [0°=0 and 5°=6 rituals.]
4. "Life"
The Mother of god. אמיא.
The Son Slain.
The Bride.
5. "Force" (Purification).
[This work is not complete; therefore is there no equilibration.]
The Supernal Sulphur purifying by fire.
The Infernal Water Scorpio purifying by putrefaction.
6. "Harmony" [This work also unfinished.]
The Reconciler [ו of הוהי] above.
The Reconciler below [lion and eagle, etc.].
7. "Birth"
The Powers of Spiritual Regeneration. [The Z.A.M. as Osiris risen between Isis and Nephthys. The path of Gemel, Diana, above his head.]
The gross powers of generation.
8. "Rule"
The Orderly Ruling of diverse forces.
The Ruin of the Unbalanced Forces.
9. "Stability"
The Force that represses evil.
The Force that restores the world ruined by evil.