Suggestive Correspondences
from the Hebrew Alphabet
The Holy Ghost — Fool — Knight-Errant.
Folly's doom is ruin.
The Messenger.
The Juggler with the Secret of the Universe.
The Virgin.
The Holy Guardian Angel is achieved by Self-sacrifice and Equilibrium.
The Wife.
Alchemical Salt.
The Gate of the Equilibrium of the Universe.
The Mother is the Daughter, the Daughter is the Mother.
The Sun.
The Son is but the Son.
The Twins reconciled.
The answer of the Oracles is always Death.
The Chariot containing Life.
The Secret of the Universe.
The Act of Power.
She who rules the Secret Force of the Universe.
The Virgin Man.
Secret Seed of All.
Secret of the Gate of Initiation.
The All-Father in 3 forms, Fire, Air, and Water.
In the whirlings is War.
The Woman justified.
By Equilibrium and Self-sacrifice is the Gate.
The Man drowned in the "womb" flood.
The Secret is hidden between the waters that are above and the waters that are beneath.
The putrefaction in the Athanor.
Initiation is guarded on both sides by Death.
The Womb preserving Life.
Self-control and Self-sacrifice govern the Wheel.
The Exalted Phallus.
The Secret of generation is Death.
The Crowned and Conquering Children emerging from the Womb.
The Fortress of the Most High.
The Husband.
Alchemical Sulphur.
The Star is the Gate of the Sanctuary.
The Womb seething is the glamour of physiological upset which the Sun sleeps.
Illusionary is the Initiator of Disorder.
The Twins shining forth and playing.
The fighting of Set and Osiris.
In the Sun is the Secret of the Spirit.
The Stele.
Nuit, Hadit, their God and Man twins, as a pantacle.
Resurrection is hidden in Death.
The Slain God.
Universe is the Hexagram.