The Vital Triads
The Three Gods I A O
The Holy Ghost
The Messenger
The Secret Seed
The Three Godesses
The Virgin
The Wife
The Mother
The Three Demiurges
The All Father 3 in 1
The Ruler
The Son (Priest)
The Children Horus and Hoor-pa-kraat
The Twins Emerging
The Sun (Playing)
The Crowned and Conquering Child emerging from the Womb
The Yoni Gaudens. The Woman justified
The Graal: Chariot of Life
The Pregnant Womb preserving life.
The Woman justified by Yod
The Slain Gods
156 and 666
The Redeemer in the Waters
The Redeeming Belly which kills XV
The Lingam, the Yoni, the Stele - Priest, Priestess, Ceremony
Erect and glad
The Witch. Yoni stagnant and waiting.
God and Man as twins from Nuit and Hadit
The Pantacle of the Whole
The System