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Евченко Людмила

Special thanks to
Keith Cantú
for providing scans of a first edition 777

Special thanks to
Tony Iannotti
for providing the photograph "The Interpreter", scans of ΘΕΛΗΜΑ and many of The Equinox covers

I first became interested in Thelema when I found the ascii versions of The Equinox that Bill Heidrick (with help from Rusty Sporer, and Fr. H.B.) produced and distributed in the days of BBSs (now available at my good friend Robin's site As a teenager in near rural suburban Minnesota, it was amazing to be able to have access to the sort of material that would continue to inspire me even many decades later.

Heidrick's editions, while invaluable, were limited by the technology of the day, most notably he was not able to include the images and diagrams, which are so important to the understanding of the text. To compound the problem, later published editions do not reproduce these diagrams very well, some of which are quite detailed and their low quality makes it impossible to read certain bits of text. Further, certain editions, especially the ascii editions, have many errors in the text itself.

Thus, I am very excited to be able to offer these scans of The Equinox, it is a completing of a circle in a way for me. Since they are scans, the reader will experience what it is like to read the actual pages of The Equinox, complete with accurate text and crisp high-resolution images.

To accomplish this I bought a first edition set of The Equinox from a collector who says that he bought them decades ago at Atlantis Bookshop in London. I bought this on credit and while I can afford to pay it down over time, I'm hoping I might be able to get some assistance from the people who enjoy my work. Below, you can donate money and receive several different rewards in return based on the amount of your donation. You can also support this project by buying print on demand merchandise here.